Unable to migrate SID History. (NETIQKB11481)

  • 7711481
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 23-Aug-2007


Domain Migration Administrator 7.1

Unable to migrate SID History.

Error appears in migration.log when attempting to migrate accounts with SID history.

Error: '[7449]E20797: SID History cannot be updated for user1. The tool could not locate a domain controller for the source domain'.

Error: '2002-08-29 16:33:07-[7392]W10850: SIDHistory could not be updated due to a configuration or permissions problem.  The Domain Migration Administrator will not attempt to migrate the remaining objects'.


This error message can be caused by several configuration issues:

  • This message can be received after Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) has set the TcpipClientSupport registry key in the migration wizard, but the source primary domain controller (PDC) was not rebooted when prompted. 
  • The Domain Migration Administrator console must contact the source PDC in order to migrate the account with SID History.  If NetBIOS name resolution is not working properly, the Domain Migration Administrator console may not be able to contact the source PDC. 
  • This message may also be received if the Domain Migration Administrator console is installed on a member server in the target domain.  To migrate SID History, Domain Migration Administrator must be installed on a domain controller or a computer running Microsoft Windows XP in the target domain. This is a requirement of the Microsoft Clone Principle.


To resolve this issue:

  • Reboot the source PDC to ensure the TcpipClientSupport registry key takes effect.
  • Correct WINS issues, or add an LMHosts file containing an entry for the source PDC to the Domain Migration Administrator Console machine. 
  • Run the NLTEST /dsgetdc:DOMAIN_NAME to find out what domain controller is available.


Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB11481