What steps need to be taken when upgrading from DMA 7.0 to DMA 7.1? (NETIQKB11249)

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What steps need to be taken when upgrading from DMA 7.0 to DMA 7.1?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.1


Upgrading from DMA and SC Version 7.0

You can upgrade from Domain Migration Administrator and Server Consolidator Version 7.0 to Domain Migration Administrator and Server Consolidator Version 7.1 without uninstalling the previous version. If you have an earlier version of the product installed, upgrade it to DMA 7.0 before continuing.

To upgrade to Version 7.1 of the products:

  1. Ensure neither DMA nor SC is running.
  2. Make a backup copy of the protar.mdb file from the Program Files\NetIQ\DMA folder for safekeeping.
  3. If you have projects you want to continue to use, make a backup copy of the Program Files\NetIQ\DMA\Projects folder and subfolders.
  4. On each DMA computer, run the setup.exe program in the root of the installation kit for DMA and SC Version 7.1. Install the new version in the folder where you had the previous version of the products installed. Follow the setup instructions until you have completed installing the products.
  5. Upgrade all DMA computers to version 7.1 before performing any task that dispatches agents, such as generating reports or translating security.
  6. Regenerate the global and project reports.
  7. Run the Specify Migration Settings wizard for each project. The new version provides additional options and features. Some migration options may be disabled until you rerun the Specify Migration Settings wizard.
  8. Run the Import Modeling Data wizard for each project. Project data modeling information is not retained when you upgrade to a new version of DMA.
  9. Run the Edit Modeling Data wizard to enter the modeling data for each project.
  10. Migrate a few objects using the new settings and verify the results before completely migrating each project. For more information and technical details of the product and migration settings, see the User Guide.


Please contact Technical Support to create a 'Support Request' for any issues you encounter that are not addressed by the User Guide, any Knowledge Base articles found on the website, or current Hotfixes available for download.

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