What is an ActiveView? (NETIQKB11123)

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What is an ActiveView?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 8.0


ActiveViews are part of the dynamic security model that provides powerful and flexible rules based management for your enterprise. This model enhances distributed administration by accommodating change. Rather than delegating a power to a person, you are delegating roles to people. In this way, the dynamic security model more closely represents how your company works, letting you design your enterprise security to support workflows across organizations. You can expand this flexibility by configuring rules that match established naming conventions or group memberships.

In the dynamic security model, roles can be reused in different ActiveViews and assigned to different Assistant Admins (AA), user accounts can be moved from one AA group to another, and powers can be moved from one role to another. As these changes occur, Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) automatically update security settings across your enterprise.

When you develop your administration and security plan, first identify the workflows your company has. Each workflow determines who can do what to whom or what. Use your workflow definitions to create the appropriate AA groups, assign the required roles, and configure the corresponding ActiveViews.

ActiveViews are the whom or what in the dynamic security model. An ActiveView represents a set of objects. When you create or modify an ActiveView, you specify rules that define which objects you want to manage as a collection. The ActiveView rule also associates AAs with roles and powers to manage this collection of objects

ActiveViews allow you to implement a security model that has the following features:

  • Is independent from your Active Directory structure
  • Lets you assign powers and define policies that correlate to your existing workflows
  • Provides automation to help you further integrate and customize your enterprise
  • Dynamically responds to change

An ActiveView is a virtual container, which represents a set of objects within one or more managed domains. You can include an object in more than one ActiveView. You can also include many objects from multiple domains or OUs.

For more information on the Dynamic Security Model and the ActiveViews technology, please refer to the "Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator Administrator Guide".

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