What are the new features in DMA and SC version 7.1? (NETIQKB10667)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Feb-2008


What are the new features in DMA and SC version 7.1?

Server Consolidator 7.1

Domain Migration Administrator 7.1


This version of Domain Migration Administrator and Server Consolidator improves the performance and ease of use of these powerful migration products. Key usability enhancements make these products your best choice when migrating to Windows NT and Windows 2000. This version provides new capabilities, and corrects an issue in which well-known accounts with multiple SID History entries are removed from the DMA migration database when you run the SID History report.

This version provides the following new features:

Granular Undo for User Accounts in Projects
Allows you to undo migration for individual user accounts within projects.
Microsoft Access XP Support
Supports Microsoft Access XP as a repository for migration data.
Windows .NET Support
Supports the latest evaluation release of Windows .NET server for basic migration tasks. Limited testing has been done to evaluate these capabilities.
Migrates IP Printer Ports
Creates the printer port on the target computer if no port exists and the correct print monitor is currently installed on the target.
Migrates Shares From Multiple Sources
Migrates shares from multiple computers to one target computer.

Please note that this information can also be obtained from the Release Notes for Domain Migration Administrator / Server Consolidator version 7.1.


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