How should the /WAIT switch be used in the DMACLI or SCCLI? (NETIQKB10447)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Feb-2008


Domain Migration Administrator 7.1

Server Consolidator 7.1

How should the /WAIT switch be used in the DMACLI or SCCLI?


The SCCLI is a command line interface provided with the Server Consolidator tool.  This interface allows you to perform saved consolidation tasks.

These command line interfaces include several switches with /WAIT being the focus of this article.  This switch directs Domain Migration Administrator or Server Consolidator to pause for one minute after completing the specified task.  Domain Migration Administrator or Server Consolidator may then perform another task through the command line interface.

The purpose of the /WAIT switch is to allow the agent service to completely close before attempting the next task.  If the next agent task is attempted while the previous agent is still closing, you will receive an error that 'The service was not started on \\computername. The service is already running on this computer.'

Therefore, we recommend that you use this switch to pause between each agent task run from the command line interface.  Agent tasks include:

In DMA: migrating a computer, renaming a computer, translating security,

In SC: migrating files, folders, and shares, migrating printers, migrating machine local groups, and translating security.

Please note that a description of the /WAIT switch along with other CLI switches can also be obtained from Appendix A of the product User Guide.

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