How do I add a secondary server to a multi-master set in Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA)? (NETIQKB10322)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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Directory and Resource Administrator 8.x


How do I add a secondary server to a multi-master set in Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA)?


For a multi-master DRA environment, a minimum of two Windows 2003 servers are required.  During the installation, the first server installed in the set must be designated as the primary DRA server.  This server will maintain all security and configuration changes within the DRA multi-master set.  Additional DRA servers that are added to the multi-master set will be configured as secondary DRA servers.  The role of the DRA server is specified during the installation.  Once the DRA servers have been installed, the secondary DRA servers can be added to the multi-master set by performing the following step:

1.    Log into the DRA Delegation and Configuration Console as an Assistant Admin who is a member of the DRA Admins AA Group within DRA.

2.    Connect to the primary DRA server.

3.    Expand the Configuration snap-in node.

4.    Click on Administration servers.

5.    At the top of the right-hand window, select Add from the menu.

6.    Specify the computer name of the secondary DRA server, in the format of \\secondary_DRA_server_name and click OK.

7.    Once the server has been added, select Synchronize Multi-Master.  This will replicate all security and configuration data to the secondary server.



DRA utilizes a Multi Master Set to provide for redundancy as well as performance management. The Primary DRA server will create the MMS. Additional Secondary DRA servers will need to be added to the MMS.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB10322

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