How do I modify the list of workstations Users log on from using the Directory and Resource Administ (NETIQKB10319)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


How do I modify the list of workstations Users log on from using the Directory and Resource Administrator CLI?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.60


To modify the list of workstations that a user can log on, run the following command using the syntax based on the Ea.exe command on a Directory and Resource Administrator client workstation. The Ea.exe command is located in the Directory and Resource Administrator installation directory. 

  • EA USER Username UPDATE WORKSTATIONS:workstation1,workstation2,etc

The following example will add the list of workstations that users can log on to for a list of user accounts listed in a text file:

  • FOR /F "TOKENS=1 DELIMS=" %1 IN (c:\acctnames.txt) DO EA USER %1 UPDATE WORKSTATIONS:workstation1,workstation2,etc.

NOTE:  The user accounts in the text file must be listed in a column by account Logon name with each account on a new line.

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