How does DMA migrate service accounts? What is the difference between migrating a user account and (NETIQKB10184)

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How does DMA migrate service accounts?  What is the difference between migrating a user account and a service account?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.1


The first step DMA takes is to detect which accounts are being used as service accounts. You can initiate this step from the Service Account Configuration wizard, which dispatches agents to each server to get its service account information. The agent obtains the list of service accounts from the Service Control Manager.  Once the information is collected, you can see a list of the service accounts DMA found, and choose which ones you want DMA to include in the migration by toggling the 'Skip/Include' button in the Service Account Configuration wizard.

The service account can then be migrated in the Migrate User Accounts wizard. The service account must be detected by DMA and marked 'Include' in the Service Account Configuration wizard to be treated as a service account. When migrating a service account, DMA will attempt to update the Services Control Manager (SCM) in all the places where the service account is used (based on collected information). DMA will then change these services to use the new account name and password. If some of these machines are not available when the user is migrated, you can use the Service Account Configuration wizard to retry the updates later.  Please note that Service Account migrations cannot be undone. 

DMA cannot update Microsoft Exchange services, since Exchange requires internal changes in order to change the service account. If there are other services whose service account cannot be changed just by updating the SCM, such as SQL.  You should mark those entries 'Skip' in the Service Account Configuration wizard.


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