Is there a tool that would help me resolve Printer Driver problems after migrating printers with Ser (NETIQKB10030)

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Is there a tool that would help me resolve Printer Driver problems after migrating printers with Server Consolidator (SC)?

The Windows 2000 Server installation CD-ROM includes the command-line utility Fixprnsv.exe. This program is a powerful tool for working with printer driver issues on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000-based print servers. Fixprnsv.exe can help you resolve printer driver incompatibility issues, as well as perform an on the fly replacement of printer drivers that are known to have problems. Fixprnsv.exe replaces incompatible or problem printer drivers with Microsoft provided printer drivers. Fixprnsv.exe will not install drivers for printers that are not already configured on the print server.

Fixprnsv.exe is in the Printers\Fixprnsv folder on the Windows 2000 Server CD-ROM. The command-line switches for Fixprnsv.exe are:
  • /?

    When this switch is used, Fixprnsv.exe displays a list of the command line switches with their appropriate syntax.
  • /diag

    When this switch is used, Fixprnsv.exe scans the computer for incompatible print drivers only. No changes are made.
  • /fix

    When this switch is used on a Windows NT 4.0-based computer, Windows 2000 print drivers can be installed. This permits Windows 2000-based clients to connect to the print server and download the appropriate printer drivers. When this switch is used on a Windows 2000-based computer, any incompatible Windows NT 4.0 printer drivers will be replaced.
  • /q

    Quiet Mode. When this switch is used, Fixprnsv.exe does not prompt the user. Fixprnsv.exe displays any appropriate messages.

NOTE: If the /diag or /fix switches are not used, Fixprnsv.exe installs Microsoft supplied Windows NT 4.0 printer drivers. These drivers will replace any drivers that are not compatible.

When you use Fixprnsv.exe on a cluster node, all spooler resources running on that node are updated. It is recommended that you pause all nodes before you run Fixprnsv.exe. Also, you should use Fixprnsv.exe on all of the nodes in the cluster.

When you use Fixprnsv.exe, the file Fixprnsv.log is created in the Windows folder. Fixprnsv.log is created to record the actions performed by Fixprnsv.exe.

Fixprnsv.exe does not provide any rollback capabilities. Once you use Fixprnsv.exe, any monolithic printer drivers with known problems will be replaced. To use your previous printer drivers, you must reinstall them.

This information is from the Microsoft KB article Q247196 "Overview of Fixprnsv.exe"


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