How does DMA handle Terminal Server Profiles? (NETIQKB9439)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Aug-2007



How does DMA handle Terminal Server Profiles?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.1


DMA can translate user profiles for a Window Terminal Server (WTS) when you select this option during the user account migration.  Users must not be logged in to the terminal server during the migration.

The checkbox for 'Translate Windows Terminal Server profiles' is available in the 'Migrate User Accounts' and in the 'Specify Migration Settings' wizards.  It is not available in the  'Migrate Computers' or 'Translate Security Settings' wizards because this process is executed during the user account migration.

If the 'Translate Windows Terminal Server profiles' option was not chosen and the profile was not translated, then the target user will receive a new profile when logging in to the terminal server.  The resolution in this case is to delete the target user's profile, then migrate the user again with the 'Translate Windows Terminal Server profiles' checkbox selected, using in Replace and Update mode.

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