The Empty Recycle Bin button in the Recycle Bin is not available to Assistant Admins with the 'Perma (NETIQKB8770)

  • 7708770
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 6.50

The Empty Recycle Bin button in the Recycle Bin is not available to Assistant Admins with the 'Permanently Delete A User From Recycle Bin' power.

When an Assistant Admin selects the Recycle bin node, the Empty Recycle Bin button is not available in the MMC interface even though the Assistant Admin has the following powers:

  • Delete A User Account
  • Permanently Delete A User From Recycle Bin
  • Undelete User From Recycle Bin.

Both the Restore All and Restore buttons are available and work correctly.

However if the Assistant Admin right-clicks the domain name node under Recycle Bin, the Empty Recycle Bin option is available.


A supported enhancement for this is now available.  To allow an Assistant Admin to empty the Recycle Bin, back up the existing RecycleBinMain.js on each IIS server with the Directory and Resource Administrator Web Component installed.  Download the RecycleBinMain.js file and copy it to the following directory on each IIS server:


This file does not require a restart of the MCS OnePoint Administration Server service to take effect.  Simply close and restart the MMC user interface after installing the file, after which the Empty Recycle Bin button will be available.

This issue is resolved in Directory and Resource Administrator 6.6 and later.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB8770