When I perform a user migration, DMA is renaming the DisplayName of the existing accounts that had b (NETIQKB7887)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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Domain Migration Administrator 7.1

When I perform a user migration, DMA is renaming the DisplayName of the existing accounts that had been created by Active Directory Connector (ADC).


When you have accounts that have been created with Microsoft ADC, the target account has a different SID than the source account that is associated with the mailbox.  If you perform a normal DMA migration at this time, DMA does not know that the two accounts are linked and will modify the DisplayName using the configured options of the user migration.  Therefore, when there are accounts in the target domain that have been created with ADC, we recommend that you run the 'Update Active Directory Connector Accounts' wizard from the DMA console.  This wizard is available at the global level and can be launched by selecting Domain Migration Administrator in the left pane, then selecting the 'Update Active Directory Connector Accounts' wizard from the right pane.  Completing this wizard will create a mapping between the source account and the target account based on the msExchMasterAccountSID property of the target account.  In addition to creating the mapping, ADC Update provides other options for the migration.

For more information on the 'Update Active Directory Connector Accounts' wizard, also known as ADC Update, please refer to NetIQ Knowledge Base article NETIQKB3911.

In some instances, you may not want to use the 'Update Active Directory Connector Accounts' wizard.  This can be the case if you want to use DMA to migrate the accounts to specific OU's in the target domain or if you want to migrate on a Project basis.  If you do not want to use ADC Update, then the options are:

1. Migrate with DMA and use scripts to put the CN and DisplayName back to what they were before.  This script is discussed in NETIQKB1941.

2. Migrate with DMA and use Database Modeling to put the names in the correct format.  In Database Modeling, you are filling in the modeling table one user at a time.  Or, the modeling table can be populated by scripting, but this is unsupported.  For more information about Database Modeling, please see Chapter 9, section title - "Using Data Modeling" in the DMA/SC 7.1 User Guide.


Please contact Technical Support to create a 'Support Request' for any issues you encounter that are not addressed by the User Guide, any Knowledge Base articles found on the website, or current Hotfixes available for download.

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