Error: 'S30414: The Account Replicator threw an exception.' (NETIQKB7874)

  • 7707874
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 16-Aug-2007


Domain Migration Administrator 7.1

Error: 'S30414: The Account Replicator threw an exception.'

The user was selected into the project, but the source account was deleted before the user account was migrated or an attempt to add a user who has an apostrophe (') in their name (e.g User O'Reilly), when processing group membership.


This is a known issue and has been resolved in the following hotfixes for Domain Migration Administrator 7.1 or Domain Migration Administrator 7.2:

  • Hotfix Q14252 (which is included in DMA71000_Hotfix22291) resolves the issue where the source account was deleted before the user account was migrated. 
  • Hotfix DMA71000_Hotfix22291 resolves the issue where an attempt to add a users with an apostrophe (') in their name.

In order to install Hotfix 22291 and resolve either of these issues, you must upgrade to DMA 7.1.

see also NETIQKB5347 

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB7874