What is a security partition in Security Manager? (NETIQKB7527)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What is a security partition in Security Manager?

Security Manager 4.X

Security partitions involve using a unique service account for each Central Computer installation.  This partition will limit the server access for each Central Computer by placement of the service account for each Central Computer. The Exchange example within the Users Guide demonstrates the Exchange group monitored by its own Central Computer using a service account that is not in use by other Central Computers.

User accounts can access servers based upon their membership in the DAS local groups. If you have a select set of individuals you wish to monitor only servers in your second Central Computer, you should remove their user accounts from the primary DAS local groups.  That is, if a user account is placed in both Central Computer's local groups, that account will be able to access and act upon the computers monitored by both DCAMs.

Please refer to the On-line Help or Installation Guide for Security Manager for more information concerning security partitions.

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