How does Domain Migration Administrator handle dispatching agents to computers over a WAN link? (NETIQKB7493)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How does Domain Migration Administrator handle dispatching agents to computers over a WAN link?

Domain Migration Administrator 6.x

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


Under Domain Migration Administrator Advanced Settings, you will see the setting for 'dispatching agents to computers over a WAN link'.  When enabled, this setting informs Domain Migration Administrator that agents may be dispatched to computers over a slow network connection. This option limits the number of agents simultaneously installed through the lower bandwidth connection. Checking this option limits the chance that a process will timeout while installing an agent or receiving data.

To get to Domain Migration Administrator Advanced Settings:

  1. Left-click Domain Migration Administrator
  2. Right-click Domain Migration Administrator
  3. Select 'View'
  4. Select 'DMA Advanced Settings'

When you select the checkbox in the 'DMA Advanced Settings', it changes the value in the database to 4.  If you would like to further tweak that,  you can so by opening the database and updating it manually.  Although the following method is unsupported, you can also update the value in the Settings table of the <Project_Name>.mdb and Protar.mdb for 'Options.MaxThreads' to the number of threads you would like to execute at once.  You should test this unsupported workaround in a lab environment before implementing on a production network. 


Please note that if you are currently using the 'Use settings specified in migration settings wizard' this setting will not apply. Please refer to the following article regarding how to address this:

Please note that this information can also be obtained from the built-in Help of the product.


The agent has a base size of around 2 MB. Estimate around 30 bytes/user from the cache (DCTcache) that is created to speed up security translation.

Also keep in mind there are plugins (consisting of additional dll files) that are sent along with agents when executing certain tasks such as gathering data for certain reports. Depending on the tasks you are executing and the plugins that are sent along with the agents, the size of the agent can range from 2-4 MB.

In addition, when dispatching agents Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) is capable of dispatching 20 agents at any time via 20 threads. If you've selected to translate security for multiple users on 100+ computers, then there would be 100+ agents eventually sent out over the 20 threads (as soon as a thread dispatches one agent, it is free to send out another agent) with a base size of 2 mb, with the addition of the DCTcache (at 30 bytes/user selected for security translation) plus any other plugins that may accompany the agent.

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