DMA performs slowly or errors when opening a project. (NETIQKB7081)

  • 7707081
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Jun-2007


DMA performs slowly or errors when opening a project.

Before attempting any of the following solutions, please apply Hotfix 22291.  This fix will correct any errors you may be experiencing.  The following solutions can help improve timing related performance.


One way to improve performance is to clear or limit the undo tasks by configuring this through the DMA GUI. Please do the following in the order shown to change the amount of Undo tasks saved by DMA:

  1. Select the Domain Migration Administrator icon found in the left pane of the MMC.
  2. Right click Domain Migration Administrator, select View, then DMA Advanced Settings.
  3. The default setting in the Undo Task Limit field is 100.  Change this to a lower value.


For more significant improvement in performance, you can edit the DMA databases.  Always backup the databases before editing.  Editing the databases is not supported.

Grooming the Actions Table will only affect your "retry" and "undo" abilities. Actions that have been removed from the database cannot be undone. All other migration abilities are unaffected.

For all tasks that cannot be undone (Project Wizard, Select Object Wizard, Reporting Wizard, etc), we recommend that you use the procedure below to remove any actionIDs in the Actions table and all entries in the ActionHistory table with that actionID. Because these tasks cannot be undone, there is no need to keep them in the Actions table if you are experiencing a performance issue. Alternatively, you may consider deleting the older actions that no longer need to be undone.

Steps for Grooming

1. Open the protar.mdb database in Access. Open the ActionHistory table.  Select rows in this table for the ActionID's that you will not need to 'Undo'.  The Options.Project property will identify the project where the ActionID was performed.  Clearing items from the ActionHistory table will speed up loading DMA.

2. Open the projectname.mdb database in Access. Open the Actions table.  Select rows in this table for the ActionID's that you will not need to 'Undo'.  The Migration History items in the middle pane of the console come from the Actions table in the project-specific database.  Clearing items from the Actions table will speed up the screen refresh.

Other methods for improving performance:

  • Remove completed projects from the DMA console by right clicking the project in the left pane of the MMC and selecting Remove Project.
  • Compact and repair the databases with this procedure using Microsoft Access:
    1. Run Access.
    2. Click Tools and choose Database Utilities. >LI>Click Compact and Repair Database.
    3. Browse to the protar.mdb or .mdb file. Select the file you want to compact.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Close Access.


Regarding the Undo limit:

This is a limit of 100 tasks per project.  This may not apply to tasks done at the global level.


Please contact Technical Support to create a 'Support Request' for any issues you encounter that are not addressed by the User Guide, any Knowledge Base articles found on the website, or current Hotfixes available for download.

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