The Update Active Directory Connector Accounts wizard does not display the source domain OR experien (NETIQKB6752)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

The Update Active Directory Connector Accounts wizard does not display the source domain OR experiences slow / poor performance.

When DMA performs the ADC Update operation, it queries for accounts that were created from different source domains.  With the DMA console located in the site of one source domain and a network configuration that blocks communication with all other source domains, the calls may time out since the blocked domains cannot respond.  This can cause the ADC Update task to run for hours.


This symptom may occur in an environment where one target domain contains accounts that ADC created from several different source domains.  Each source domain has network connectivity to the target domain, however, there is no connectivity between any of the source domains AND the domain migration is being performed on only one source domain at a time. 

Example Scenario:

For illustration purposes, consider the target domain is Domain A, the source domain being migrated is Domain B, and other source domains that will be migrated in the future are Domains C and D.  For best performance of DMA migration tasks, DMA is installed on a target domain controller that was physically located in the site of source Domain B.  This works well with most migration tasks.  However, when running the wizard to Update Active Directory Connector Accounts (ADC Update), in some cases the source domain was not available for selection while in other cases the operation was taking hours indicating a problem.

The solution is to use a DMA console machine installed on a target domain controller located where it has network connectivity with all of the source domains.  Thus, when DMA queries for a source account, the source domain will be available to resolve the SID.  Network connectivity needs to be such that the DMA console can communicate with all domains which contain accounts that are the primary NT accounts that were used when Microsoft Active Directory Connector created accounts in the target domain.

For troubleshooting, obtain a screen shot of the Target Domain Selection page and then the page for source domain selection.  These can be obtained without performing an update operation.  To obtain the screen shots for troubleshooting, open the Update Active Directory Connector Accounts wizard, take a screen shot when the target domain selected, select 'No use previously collected', and take a screen shot of the page with the domains you can select from.

For more information on updating accounts that were created by Microsoft Active Directory Connector, refer to Chapter 7 of the Domain Migration Administrator User Guide.

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