How do I register my Vivinet Assessor console? (NETIQKB6746)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 28-May-2010


Vivinet Assessor 2.x

Vivinet Assessor 3.x


To register your Vivinet Assessor Console, please follow these steps.

  1. Open Vivinet Assessor. 

  2. Select Options | Registration....

  3. Enter your registration number and password in the data fields.

  4. Click Next to access the Authorization Key Request dialog. The box labeled Get an authorization key is checked by default.

  5. Click Next to access the Internet Access dialog. If your machine is connected to the Internet, click Next. Vivinet Assessor will open a Web browser and attempt to connect to the NetIQ registration server. Proceed to Step 12.

  6. If your machine is not connected to the Internet, or if your connection is unsuccessful, uncheck the box labeled This computer is connected to the Internet and continue with Step 7.

  7. Click Next to access the Obtain Authorization Key Instructions dialog. Write down the Registration Number, Password, and License Code from the Registration Information box on this page.

  8. Click Next. This screen contains the Authorization Key field.

  9. Open a Web browser on a machine connected to the Internet. Navigate to the following Web page.

    Select the Chariot link. On the next page that opens, select the Register link under the  Vivinet Assessor heading.

  10. The next page that opens asks for your Registration Number, Password, License Code and the version of Vivinet Assessor. Type the information you obtained in Step 7 into the appropriate fields. Click Register.

  11. Verify the contact information that appears in the Web browser. Update the information using Update Information or New User. Once the information is correct, click Generate License.

  12. The next screen contains your authorization key. Write this down or print it, then enter it into the Authorization Key field on the machine where Vivinet Assessor is installed.

  13. Click Next. You will see a screen titled Registration Summary that confirms your registration.

  14. This completes the registration process. If you see an error, click Back and verify the authorization key you typed. Contact Technical Support via e-mail at or via telephone, if you have difficulty obtaining a valid license.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB6746