Where is the Company Knowledge base entry stored in Onepoint dB? (NETIQKB6609)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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Where is the Company Knowledge base entry stored in the 'Onepoint' dB?

Security Manager 3.X

Operations Manager 3.X

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Security Manager 5.X


The Company Knowledge base for user-supplied comments, is stored in Processrulecomment table in the Onepoint database. The Processrulecomment table stores all the entries that users make to the knowledge base.

The KBase &  KBaseSection tables store the knowledge base sections that will be used to generate the knowledgebase. The KBaseHistory table stores the history of all the knowledgebase changes (currently not used).

To view Knowledge base in each rule in the Onepoint database you need a rule 'id/GUID' and then you can run the following query.

declare @test nvarchar(4000)
Declare @GUID uniqueidentifier

Set @GUID = '{24CBD2FA-064B-11D4-833E-00A0C9BBEB65}'

select @test = comment
from Processrulecomment
where idprocessrule = @GUID

print @test

To get the GUID for a given rule, right-click the rule and select properties. Then you will need to copy and paste the GUID, which is shown as a RuleID. Paste this GUID in place of the example GUID shown above and execute the query.


The KBase tables can only be changed if you own a knowledge authoring license. NetIQ and Microsoft are the only current vendors that own that license.

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