Exchange Migrator does not properly merge on existing target accounts created by Domain Migration Ad (NETIQKB6512)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 09-Oct-2007



Exchange Migrator 1.x

Exchange Migrator 2.x

Exchange Migrator does not properly merge on existing target accounts created by Domain Migration Administrator (DMA), when using DMA mappings (Protar.mdb).

Migrated mailboxes are associated with a new duplicate account which has a '1' appended to the name.


When migrating user accounts with Domain Migration Administrator (DMA), to a specific Organizational Unit (OU), this mapping information is recorded in the Protar.mdb.  If you are going to import the DMA mappings into Exchange Migrator, you should not move the user account from the original OU to another OU prior to migrating mailboxes. Otherwise the mapping to the target object will no longer be valid. The MigratedObjects table (Protar.mdb) is a static mapping file,not dynamic, so any changes made that will result in a change in the actual path of the account, after the migration, will not be reflected in the mapping file.


If you have already imported the Domain Migration Administrator (DMA) mappings into Exchange Migrator (EM) prior to moving accounts to another location, you must run the Refresh Migrated ObjectsReport in DMA to update the protar.mdb and clear the DMAMAPPING table, then re-import the updated DMA mapping file into Exchange Migrator before migrating any mailboxes. For more information regarding the Refresh Migrated Objects Report, please refer to the following knowledge base article:

  • NETIQKB1149: What is the 'Refresh Migrated Objects' report?


IMPORTANT NOTE!!! When you re-import the protar, it does not overwrite the existing mappings, so you will need to clear theDMAMAPPING table before you re-import  the protar.mdb. You can use the SQL Admin tools to accomplish this or you can use OSQL through a command line. For information about how to connect to an MSDE version of SQL using the SQL admin tools, refer to the following knowledge base article:  

  • NETIQKB1374: How do I connect to an MSDE database using SQL admin tools?

For information on using the osql utility, click the following link to review the MSDN documentation:


For instructions on importing DMA mappings, please refer to the following knowledge base article:

  • NETIQKB1886: How do I import a mapping file (Protar.mdb) from a DMA migration into Exchange Migrator

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