Error: [7301]E21123: Failed to create CN=user in domain. hr=8000ffff Catastrophic failure. (NETIQKB6361)

  • 7706361
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Sep-2008


Domain Migration Administrator 7.1

Error: [7301]E21123: Failed to create CN=user in domain. hr=8000ffff Catastrophic failure.

The User account migration fails.  The migration.log contains the above error.


This issue can be caused by having two network interface cards on the domain controller where the new accounts are being created.  This issue was can also be caused by running two DMA consoles simultaneously.


This issue occurred on a domain controller with two network cards installed, one connected to a network with WINS and DNS servers, the other card on a backup network that did not contain name resolution servers.  The problem was that network communications to the domain controller were being routed to the NIC that was on a network that contained no WINS or DNS.  This was resolved by disabling then enabling the backup NIC, which forced the primary NIC to function as the primary.

For reference, this Microsoft article explains issues with registration of 'backup' NICs on domain controllers: 295328 - Private Network Interfaces on a Domain Controller are registered in DNS .

Regarding multiple DMA consoles, the recommended practice is to run only one DMA console during a migration.  The information of how all source accounts are mapped to target accounts is kept locally in a database on the DMA console.  If a second DMA console is used, that database will not contain the mapping of which accounts have already been migrated, which can lead to errors such as this.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB6361