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How does the Directory and Resource Administrator Web Console remember the managed domain and administrator server?

Does the DRA Web Console use Cookies?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 8.0


In the initial page of the Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) Web Console, you designate the managed domain (focus). This information is stored in a Cookie on the client computer. Since the DRA Web Console can be accessed by either going to http://draserver/onepoint (for DRA 6.x versions) or http://draserver/DRA (for DRA 7.x and 8.0), the cookie can either be named:

  • cookie:username@DRA
  • cookie:username@onepoint
  • cookie:username@draserver/dra
  • cookie:username@localhost/dra

When you enter the managed domain and then specify the administration server, this information can be stored in a Cookie so that the next time the user connects using the Web Console, the information will be already present. If these settings are not present when launching the Web Console, the Cookies could be disabled on the workstation.  Once again, all the settings for keeping or 'remembering' the managed domain in the Web Console is held on the client.  In addition, the Cookies are created on a per-user basis.  Each user logging on to the workstation and connecting to the Web Console will create their own Cookie(s).

Note:  The option, "Keep current domain in the Web Console" allows you to set a new domain to be the 'stored' managed domain. This updates the Cookie to point to the new domain and administrator server.

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