How do I promote a secondary Directory and Resource Administrator server to a primary? (NETIQKB6046)

  • 7706046
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 10-Jan-2013


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.x


The following steps must be performed in order to promote the secondary Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) server to a primary:

Scenario I: Switching the role of the Directory and Resource Administrator server to a new machine

  1. Run the Directory and Resource Administrator setup program on the new machine.
  2. Select secondary when prompted to specify a primary or secondary server during the install process.
  3. After the installation has been completed, launch the Directory and Resource Administrator client logged in as the service account connected to the newly installed secondary server.
  4. Add the secondary server to the Multi-Master Set by selecting Administration servers option under the 'Configuration' node and specify the primary server name.
  5. Connect the client interface to the primary server and add the secondary server to the 'Multi-Master Set'.  This is accomplished by selecting the Add Seconday Servers (or Add) option under Configuration Management (Configuration) | Administration server.
  6. Select Yes when prompted to 'Synchronize the Multi-Master Set'.
  7. Once the synchronization has completed successfully the secondary server can be promoted.
  8. Connect the client interface to the secondary server and verify that all the 'ActiveView' information is available on the secondary server.
  9. Select Promote Server (Update Primary) under Configuration Management (Configuration) | Administration servers.
  10. Connect the client inferface to the old primary server and demote it to a secondary.  This is accomplished by selecting Demote Server (Demote) under Configuration Management (Configuration) | Administration servers.


Scenario II: Promoting a secondary server if the primary Directory and Resource Administrator server fails

  1. Launch the Directory and Resource Administrator client interface and connect to the secondary DRA server, logged in as DRA Admin (Built-in Admin).
  2. Select the Configuration Management (Configuration) | Administration server node.
  3. Highlight the secondary server, right-click and select the Promote Server (Promote) option.
  4. Click Yes and OK when prompted to accept the warning message during the promotion process.
  5. After promotion remove the old primary from the list of Administration servers


DRA allows the Administrator to change the roles of the DRA Server. This allows for changing of the role of a DRA server after the initial configuration of DRA.

Additional Information

It is strongly recommend that the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mission Critical Software key is saved before you perform the above steps.

After changing the roles of the DRA Server, it is recommended that you also check the Windows Event Viewer for any messages related to ADAM / ADLS.

Formerly known as NETIQKB6046