Is there a way to determine how many users Directory and Resource Administrator can enumerate? (NETIQKB5938)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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Is there a way to determine how many users Directory and Resource Administrator can enumerate?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Because DRA can manage multiple domains and because it has the ability to enumerate users in trusted domains, it can be difficult to obtain an accurate count of the users DRA sees EAInfo is a command line utility that shows basic statistics about the environment DRA is running in.  The EA.EXE command line utility has a parameter that, when specified, displays more detailed information.

From the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\DRA (the default installation directory for DRA) command prompt, enter EA Info and hit Enter.  The information will be displayed in the following format:

EA 6.40.00  (c) Copyright 1995-2001 NetIQ Corporation; all rights reserved.
DRA Version Information
   Server Version                 6.40.0

DRA Server Information
   Server Machine                 DRA server name
   Number of Domains              339
   Number of User Accounts        5054

DRA Client User Information
   User Name                      Logged on user account
   Is Administrator?              True

DRA License Information
   Licensed To                    Client company name
   Serial Number                  DRA license serial number

NOTE: The number of domains is not just the number managed by DRA and associated trusted domains.  It is the total number of domains anywhere in the environment.  The same information can be obtained through native tools in My Network Places.  The number of user accounts is the total number of users in all managed domains along with user accounts from domains trusted by those that are e managed but are not omitted from the Accounts Cache Refresh process.  The user accounts in any trusted domain that is ommited are not counted.  Lastly, EA Info does not determine the number of user accounts that DRA is licensing.

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