How can I obtain information to unlock the Exchange Migrator trial? (NETIQKB5105)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 14-Aug-2007


How can I obtain information to unlock the Exchange Migrator trial?

To request a key to unlock the trial download of Exchange Migrator, please contact your Sales Representative.

If you do not know who your Sales Representative is, please submit a request to the NetIQ Sales Department at Sales - Product and Pricing Information at this website: 

Sales - Product and Pricing Information

Exchange Migrator is available for download from the NetIQ website. The download comes with a trial license that is limited to 30 days or 50 mailboxes.

Please use the following URL link to download a trial of Exchange Migrator. 

Exchange Migrator Trial

Although you may download this locked trial package now, you will need an unlocking key to unlock this product trial package. If you do not have this unlocking key, please contact your Sales Representative.

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