Distribution List (DL) memberships are not maintained during a DL migration in Exchange Migrator. (NETIQKB4912)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 25-Jan-2008


Exchange Migrator 2.x

Exchange Migrator 1.x

Distribution List (DL) memberships are not maintained during a DL migration in Exchange Migrator.

My Distribution Lists are not getting updated/populated with members after I run EMCLI Dirsync.

EMCLI Dirsync is not updating my Distribution List membership.  I have Distribution Lists in one Exchange 5.5 site that contain members from a different Exchange 5.5 site.

EMCLI Dirsync not working with multiple Exchange 5.5 sites.

Distribution Lists contain no members.

My Distribution List (DL) memberships did not migrate.


To resolve this issue review the current known causes:

  1. The account logged on to the Exchange Migrator Console does not have the correct permissions setup.
    • Example: When migrating a mailbox from site A to site B and the mailbox is a member of a Distribution List (DL) that is located in site C . That DL does not get updated with the correct membership.  This is because the account credentials performing the migration did not have permission to site C .
      • Note:  Currently, Exchange Migrator 2.2 does not log if it fails to update a DL in a site where it does not have permission.
  2. You may have existing target 'Mail-Enabled' accounts which Exchange Migrator does not know about because:
    1. You manually created the accounts in the target and manually Mail-Enabled them.
    2. You used a different Exchange Migrator console to Mail-Enable the existing target accounts.
    3. You may have used a third party tool to create the existing target AD accounts and Mail-Enable them.
  3. You may have originally used the 'EMCLI DIRSYNC' to mail-enable existing accounts in one organizational unit and used Exchange Migrator to migrate to a different organizational unit.  This would move the existing target Mail-Enabled object to the different target organizational unit without updating the DIRSYNC table in the EMA database.  Thus Distribution List memberships would not be updated correctly.
  4. Incorrect path in the MigrationInfo table of the Exchange Migrator database.
    1. Items that may cause the path to be incorrect:
      • The mailbox was migrated to OU 'A' and then later manually moved to OU 'B'; this would cause the LDAP path in the database to be incorrect.  This is the most likely the cause.
      • The mailbox was migrated and then it was renamed in Active Directory, thus changing the CN and the path in the database does not reference the correct object.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Implement the following Knowledge Base article:
  2. If you have existing target Mail-Enabled accounts, you can use EMCLI DIRSYNC to update Distribution List membership correctly.
  3. Use the /cleartables switch that is available with EMCLI DIRSYNC.
  4. If the DL is empty on the target side, but has members on the source side,  it could be because one of the members in that DL has an incorrect path in the MigrationInfo table in the EMA SQL database.  Once all the objects in the MigrationInfo table have the correct path you can migrate the DLs again and they should populate with the correct membership. To fix the problem you will have to go into the EMA SQL/MSDE database, locate the MigrationInfo table and change the target object paths to the correct path.

For more information, contact Technical Support at www.netiq.com/support.

Inside the Exchange Migrator (EM)  EMA database, mapping tables exist, which represent the migrated source and target destinations of the objects.  For example, for every Mailbox, Distribution List, or Custom Recipient migrated by Exchange Migrator,  EM adds an entry/record to the Project's Migrated objects table within the EMA database.  Sometimes it is necessary to move objects once they are migrated which will cause that object's record within that mapping table to be incorrect thus causing EMCLI Dirsync to fail because EMCLI Dirsync uses this mapping table to synchronize objects between each GAL.

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