What does the Analyze button in the Translate Security wizard do? (NETIQKB4573)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 27-Feb-2008


What does the Analyze button in the Translate Security wizard do?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.1


The 'Analyze' button is a feature that helps you with the process of security translation. After creating a Project, you can use the 'Analyze' button during the Translate Security step of the Project. This will populate the selection window with only those computers that have ACLs that match the users you've already migrated (meaning only the computers that have files and folders, local groups, printers, registry, shares, profiles, or rights for the users you migrated).

Without using the 'Analyze' button, DMA will list all the computers available on your network (this makes for a largely populated selection screen if you have many computers). The 'Analyze' button can narrow down that list to only the computers that are relevant to the security translations you need to do, because the selection screen will then only reference computers where your migrated users have ACLs to translate.

The 'Analyze' button is only available in a Project. In addition, you must run the 'Impact Analysis' reports through the reporting wizard before using 'Analyze'. These reports collect the ACL information in the Protar database (they populate the AccountRefs table) and then DMA uses this information to find all the machines where users have ACLs.

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