Can the retry for a failed Full Accounts Cache Refresh be disabled? (NETIQKB4546)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 05-Mar-2013


NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 8.x


Can the retry for a failed Full Accounts Cache Refresh be disabled?
How long before a FACR will re-run if it fails?
By default, Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) reschedules the Accounts Cache Refresh to run after a one hour interval if it fails when refreshing a managed or trusted domain. DRA verison 8.1 and later can be configured so that a failed refresh is not automatically rescheduled.


 To disable the retry attempt, the following steps must be performed on the Directory and Resource Administrator server:

Launch Regedt32.
Navigate to the Accounts key under HKLM \ Software \ Mission Critical Software \ OnePoint \ Administration \ Modules.
Select the Add Value option from the Edit menu.
Enter DoNotRetryFailures in the Value Name field and click OK.
Enter 1 in the String field and click OK.To enable the retry option after it has been disabled, change the value for DoNotRetryFailures to 0.


A FACR can fail for many reasons. Typically it will fail becuase the Domain Controller configured for a specfic managed domain is unavailable. The Windows Application Event log on the local DRA Server will have a failure event message with more details.

Additional Information

The above steps must be performed on each Directory and Resource Administrator server in the Multi-Master Set.
Formerly known as NETIQKB4546