How can I get Exchange Migrator to select all Public Folders? (NETIQKB4470)

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How can I get Exchange Migrator to select all Public Folders?

Exchange Migrator 1.x

Exchange Migrator 2.x


With the release of Exchange Migrator 2.3 the Select Public Folders wizard has been enhanced to include features such as 'Select All' and 'Automatically select sub-folders when a folder is selected'.

In versions of Exchange Migrator prior to version 2.3, public folders are selected one at a time.

Here is a script that will help you select all Public Folders in your Public Folder tree using a previous version of Exchange Migrator.

Copy and paste the text below in notepad and save it with a VBS extension. Open up Exchange Migrator. Have the Public Folder selection window open and then execute the VBS script. It will give you 5 seconds to make the Public Folder selection window the 'active' window. Once the script runs it will check all Public Folders (it is set to 1500 checks).


'Script to select Public Folders in Exchange Migrator interface

set WShell = CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
MSGBOX "Public Folder selection will begin 5 seconds after clicking OK." & VbCr &"Select 'Select Public Folders' window and do not shift to another window until public folder selection is not achieved."

WScript.Sleep 5000
WShell.AppActivate "Select Public Folders"
do until i=1500
WShell.SendKeys " "
WShell.SendKeys "{RIGHT}"
WShell.SendKeys "{DOWN}"



NetIQ is providing this script for Exchange Migrator as a workaround.  The script, Exchange Migrator, and any related documentation is provided 'AS IS,' and NetIQ makes no warranties with respect to it, or its use or operation.  NetIQ has no responsibility for any impact arising from your use of the script provided.

Please be advised that this script is not supported, and should be fully tested in your lab environment before using it in any production environment.  Please do not use this script until you are completely satisfied that it will work based on your complete testing matrix in your lab environment.

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