Active Directory Contact Object Attribute / Directory and Resource Administrator Console Contact Fie (NETIQKB4298)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Active Directory Contact Object Attribute / Directory and Resource Administrator Console Contact Field Mappings

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x

The following table shows the mappings between Directory and Resource Administrator Console Field Names and the Property Names in Active Directory.

GUI Tab Name GUI Field Name Property Name
General First name givenName
General Initials initials
General Last name sn
General Full name Name
General Display name displayName
General Office physicalDeliveryOfficeName
General Email mail
General Telephone telephoneNumber
General Telephone - Other otherTelephone
General Home page wWWHomePage
General Description description
General Path canonicalName
General Created whenCreated
General Last modified whenChanged
Address Street address streetAddress
Address PO Box postOfficeBox
Address City l
Address State st
Address ZIP/postal code postalCode
Address Country co
Telephones Home phone homePhone
Telephones Home phone - other otherHomePhone
Telephones Pager pager
Telephones Pager - other otherPager
Telephones Mobile mobile
Telephones Mobile - other otherMobile
Telephones Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber
Telephones Fax - other otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber
Telephones IP phone ipPhone
Telephones IP phone - other otherIpPhone
Telephones Comments info
Organization Title title
Organization Department department
Organization Company company
Organization Manager manager
Organization Direct reports directReports
Member of Groups memberOf
Exchange - Exchange general Alias mailNickname
Exchange - Exchange general Email Address mail
Exchange - Exchange general - Delivery restrictions Incoming email size delivContLength
Exchange - Exchange general - Delivery restrictions Accept email only from senders listed below authOrig
Exchange - Exchange general - Delivery restrictions Accept email from everyone except senders listed below unauthOrig
Exchange - Email addresses Email addresses proxyAddresses
Exchange - Advanced Simple display name displayNamePrintable
Exchange - Advanced Hide from Exchange address lists msExchHideFromAddressLists
Exchange - Advanced Use MAPI rich text format mAPIRecipient
Exchange - Advanced - Custom attributes extensionAttribute1-15 extensionAttribute1-15
Exchange - Advanced - ILS settings ILS server & ILS account autoReplyMessage


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