Cloning a template user account with an Exchange 2000 Mailibox grants permissions on the resulting n (NETIQKB4289)

  • 7704289
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 6.40

Cloning a template user account with an Exchange 2000 Mailibox grants permissions on the resulting new mailbox to the template account rather than the new user account account.


This is the correct behavior of Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA).  DRA clones all settings including mailbox permissions.  Typically, the mailbox rights of an Exchange 2000 mailbox are set to SELF.  If, however, the mailboxes were created using Microsoft's Active Directory Connector and then migrated to Exchange 2000, the mailbox permissions assigned to a specific userid.  These specific permissions are then applied during the cloning process.  If the later is the case, then the cloning account will be given permissions to the cloned account's mailbox.

    DRA 6.50 now has the same functionality as native tools and will assign permissions on the resultant mailbox to the SELF object.

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    Formerly known as NETIQKB4289