A Service Account Admin in Exchange 5.5 is unable to open all mailboxes after migrating to Exchange (NETIQKB4027)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 16-Aug-2007


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A Service Account Admin in Exchange 5.5 is unable to open all mailboxes after migrating to Exchange 2000.


An account with Service Account Admin permissions in Exchange 5.5 is able to open all mailboxes in the environment.  After migrating to Exchange 2000, the account is unable to perform the same function.

The Exchange 5.5 environment was migrated to Exchange 2000.

By default, Exchange 2000 does not have a role with the permissions of the Service Account Admin role in Exchange 5.5.  The equivalent Exchange 2000 role is Exchange Full Administrator, which, by default , does not have the permission to open every mailbox.


For information on granting Service Account Admin rights in the target Exchange 2000 environment, please refer to the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

  • Q289811: XGEN: Exchange 2000 Role Permissions
  • Q262054: XADM: How to Get Service Account Access to All Mailboxes in Exchange 2000
  • Q258183: XADM: The Receive As Right Allows User to Log On to Any Mailbox in the Database

These articles should provide a better understanding of how to define the permission for each role as well as possible solutions for providing an account with the permissions nessessary to open mailboxes, similar to the Service Account Admin role in Exchange 5.5.

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