How do I create a mailbox profile without a mapi client installed on an exchange server? (NETIQKB3367)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 26-Oct-2010


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x
Microsoft Exchange Server


How do I create a mailbox profile without a mapi client installed on an exchange server using the prof.exe provided with AppManager?

Logon failure occurs when running any of the Exchange knowledge scripts after changing the service account for the netiqmc and netiqccm services the error is MAPI LOGON EX failed:Netiq-computername 80040111


Run the prof command on the target machine executing it from the NT cmd line.  Prof.exe is located in the bin directory on any Exchange server that has had the Exchange managed objected installed on it.

SYNTAX for the PROF Command
prof -s -m -notm -p

NotP vs. NotM
-notp means do not create the profile
-notm means do not create the mailbox

A wildcard can also be used for the servername to do the following:

prof -s -m netiq-%% -notp -p netiq-%%  

--  If the mailbox name is Abc-%%, it replaces %% with server name (i.e. Abc-servername). 

An Example:
prof -s integra -m netiq-integra -NotM -p netiq-integra

This assumes that you've created a mailbox already for the netiq service account called netiq-integra .  Upon executing this command, a profile (netiq-integra) will be created on the exchanage server and be linked to the netiq-integra mailbox.

To specify a mailbox that is not in the recipients container:

a. Container at same level as recipients: /Containername/mailboxname
b. Container created under recipients: Containername/mailbox name

In addition, check the following registry key, HKLM\SOFTWARE\NetIQ\NetIQmc\Exchange Profile, to ensure the correct profile is listed.


By changing the service account of the netiq services you must associate that service account with an exchange profile to successfully run the exchange knowledge scripts

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB3367

ERROR CODES for prof.exe

0: correct
1: command format wrong
2: MAPI Initializing failed
5: no server name (for creating profile on Exchange client machine)

For creating mailbox:
3: service down
4: no user name
11: load dapi.dll failed
12: No permission to create mailbox.
13: Invalid mailbox name.
14: The container doesn't exist.

For creating profile:
21: general mapi error
22: The existing profile can't be removed
23: There is no Exchange service mapi configuration in the mapisvc.inf