Why use multiple configuration groups? (NETIQKB2900)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 03-Apr-2012


Security Manager


Why use multiple configuration groups?

What benfits do multiple configuration groups have?

How can agents be segrated into different groups?


Each configuration group contains only one OnePoint database and must have a unique name. The OnePoint database provides a central storage location for all data collected from that configuration group, as well as alerts, rules, scripts, and configuration data. You can have more than one configuration group in your enterprise. Agents can reside in more than one configuration group, sending the same or different information to each configuration group. You can also forward alerts from one configuration group to another.


When agents are needing to be grouped based upon specfic distributed geographic locations, different organizational departments, or network bandwidth issues, using different configuration groups can accomplish this task.

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