What is the difference between the AMAdmin_SetKSStandBy and AMAdmin_SetResDependency knowledge scripts? (NETIQKB2690)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


What is the difference between the AMAdmin_SetKSStandBy and AMAdmin_SetResDependency knowledge scripts?


The AMAdmin_SetKSStandBy knowledge script monitors the status of an AppManager Agent to determine whether the jobs on the local agent should be executed. This works well for jobs that require high availability, such as those that monitor resource availability across the network (NT_MachineDown), but is not necessarily preferred for monitoring cluster applications, as the application may failover from one node to the other without either node actually being out of service.

Use this knowledge script to specify a target managed client as a standby. The type of knowledge scripts to be placed in standby mode can be specified in the knowledge script category, or all jobs on the selected Server can be set on standby. Knowledge script jobs on the standby managed client will not run unless the specified master managed client is down, undergoing scheduled maintenance, or has jobs blocked because certain resources are not available.

If knowledge script jobs of the specified category are not running on the specified master managed client, then the target standby managed client takes ownership and runs jobs until the master managed client becomes available.

The AMAdmin_SetResDependency knowledge script checks to see if the local machine (node) owns a specified cluster resource (usually a logical drive or a clustered service) before launching specified jobs. This is preferred in a cluster.

Use this knowledge script to define the resources required to run knowledge script jobs. Resources can include physical file-system related resources such as logical disk drives or directories, or the availability of specific services. The dependency list can be specified by knowledge script category or defined by resources that apply to all knowledge script jobs. The resources and services specified must be active and available for jobs in the specified category to run. If any resource or service is not available, the jobs in the specified category are temporarily suspended until the specified resource or service becomes available.

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