Red or yellow event indicators flashing in the treeview when no events present in the events pane. (NETIQKB2660)

  • 7702660
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 25-Jan-2011


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


Red or yellow event indicators are flashing in the tree view of the Operator Console, but no open events are displayed in the Events pane.
A red or yellow flashing event indicator appears on an object in the tree view of the AppManager Operator Console although no open events are displayed in the Event list for the object.


To remove stray event indicators from the tree view in the AppManager Operator Console:

  1. Select the blinking object in the tree view and press Alt+F8.  Make a note of the object ID (OBJID).
  2. Use Microsoft's iSQL/w or the SQL Query tool from Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager to connect to the AppManager repository database.
  3. Run the following SELECT Statement to list event counts for a machine OBJID.

    Warning:  The use of SQL statements incorrectly against the AppManager Repository can result in unrecoverable results. This is especially true for any statements that WRITE to the database such as the UPDATE or DELETE statements. Please consult with NetIQ Technical Support if assistance is needed.

    SELECT OBJID, C1EventCount, C2EventCount, C3EventCount, C4EventCount
    FROM Object WHERE OBJID = n
  4. The SELECT statement should return the following information:

    OBJID       C1EventCount C2EventCount C3EventCount C4EventCount
    ----------- ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
    n           1            0            0            0          
  5. Normally, all of the counts should be zero if no open events are listed in the Console. In this case, however, C1EventCount = 1. This is why the stray indicator is displayed in the tree view.
  6. To reset the count and remove the indicator, run the following SQL statement:

    UPDATE Object SET C1EventCount = 0 WHERE OBJID = n
  7. Close then reopen the AppManager Operator Console , or select Refresh Tables from the Extensions menu.
  8. The indicator should no longer appear. If needed, the Objects tab can be turned off in the File> Preferences menu.


The event count for the object does not match the number of open event entries for the object in the repository. The counters are normally updated automatically when an event is acknowledged or closed but occasionally, the update may fail to complete, leaving a stray indicator.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB2660