How do I disable the database reindexing job in Security Manager? (NETIQKB2142)

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How do I disable the database reindexing job in Security Manager?

Security Manager 4.20

Security Manager 4.50

There are two scheduled jobs OnePoint - Reindex and OnePoint - Reindex Event Tables for reindexing that runs automatically. The OnePoint - Reindex job runs weekly on Sunday at 10:00PM and reindexes all tables. The OnePoint - Reindex Event Tables job runs every hour and reindexes the Event table only.

If you do not expand the database to allow 40% of overall database size to be unused (free) space, these jobs fail. To run these jobs successfully, the OnePoint database must have 40% free space for Microsoft SQL server to use as Working Space to Reindex tables. The failure of the reindexing jobs do not affect your Security Manager implementation. However, if you allow these reindexing jobs to complete successfully, you should experience an overall increase in Security Manager performance.

You can disable the OnePoint-Reindex and OnePoint-Reindex Event Table default database jobs using the following steps:

  1. Log on to the database computer with an account that has Local Administrator rights.
  2. Launch SQL Enterprise Manager.
  3. Expand SQL Server Group.
  4. Expand the server that contains the Operations Manager database.
  5. Expand Management.
  6. Expand SQL Server Agent.
  7. Click Jobs in the left pane.
  8. Select the job in the right pane you want to disable.
  9. Click Action.
  10. Click Disable Job on the Action menu.
  11. Close the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

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