What is the use of having Custom Recipients created? (NETIQKB2106)

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What is the use of having Custom Recipients created?

Exchange Migrator 1.x

Exchange Migrator 2.x


Custom Recipients\Contacts are created so that other mailbox users will be able to send mail to mailboxes that are still located in the Source (old) Org.

There are three ways EM can create Custom Recipients:

  1. Using DirSync to synchronize the GALs by creating CRs/Contacts that reference mailboxes and Distribution lists in each Org.
  2. Either by explicitly migrating a CR object.
  3. By migrating a mailbox or a DL that has references to another object.

In the first case, EM will obviously migrate the Custom Recipient; and in the second case if the "Automatically create custom recipients for all referenced objects" has been checked in the "Specify Migration Options" wizard, then the CR objects will be migrated.

Exchange Migrator will create a CR on the Target to correspond to the referenced object. That way if you migrate a DL over to a different Org, then on the Target it will still have the same list of members. In an Intra-Org migration (migration between sites) one would not need to check the option to "Automatically create custom recipients for all referenced objects" since they are still located in the same GAL and Org.

If you are seeing a strange e-mail address that make no sense on the Custom Recipient read:

  • NETIQKB2192: Why is the SMTP address on the source Custom Recipient garbled after migrating a mailbox?


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