Can Server Consolidator tasks for Command Line Interface (CLI) execution be manually created without (NETIQKB2102)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 17-Apr-2008


Can Server Consolidator tasks for Command Line Interface (CLI) execution be manually created without using the wizard?

Server Consolidator 2.0


YES, please see second option below:

Using the Server Consolidator wizard:

To save a task for execution from the Command Line Interface (CLI), using the wizard, you would select the 'Save migration task and migrate later?' option. This 'saved migration task' data gets stored by Server Consolidator in the 'ActionHistory' table of the Protar.mdb.

Creating tasks manually for Server Consolidator to run at the CLI:

In order to manually create tasks without using the Server Consolidator wizard, you must manipulate two tables in the Protar.mdb database. Manipulating the Protar.mdb database is not a supported feature of DMA or Server Consolidator at this time.

Server Consolidator references the 'SavedActions' table which draws the saved tasks from the 'ActionHistory' table, therefore, both of these tables need to be manipulated. The unsupported steps for doing this appear below as follows:

  1. Go into the 'ActionHistory' table located in the Protar.mdb (%root%:\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA) and delete all the records if, and only if, you do not have any important saved tasks there. If you have saved tasks, simply see what the last 'ActionID' is.
  2. Close the table and create a saved task through the Server Consolidator GUI to execute later.
  3. When you modify the 'ActionHistory' table, you will first need to modify the 'ActionID.' To change the 'ActionID' go to Edit>Find click on the Replace tab and write the 'ActionID' you need changed and what you want the 'ActionID' Replaced with. In the "Look In" drop-down menu select "ActionHistory:Table" and in the "Match" dropdown menu select "Whole Field". Click "Replace All" and all the 'ActionIDs' have now changed.
  4. Now in the 'ActionHistory' table you will need to modify the source and target computer names and the names and paths of the source and target shares.
  5. After you have saved and closed the 'ActionHistory' table, you will need to go into the 'SavedActions' table. Here you will add all the new 'ActionIDs' you just created.
  6. Save and close the 'SavedActions' table.
  7. Go to the command line and execute the saved tasks with the following syntax (please see DMA Knowledge Base article NETIQKB2101 for more information on the CLI syntax):
    • C:\Program Files\NetIQ\DMA>sccli runtask /task:ACTION# /credentials:domain\username /p:*

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