How can Server Consolidator's Command Line Interface (CLI) be used to initiate multiple tasks? (NETIQKB2101)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How can Server Consolidator's Command Line Interface (CLI) be used to initiate multiple tasks?

Using Server Consolidator's CLI:

Server Consolidator provides a command-line interface (CLI). This interface allows you to perform saved consolidation tasks. You can save consolidation tasks when you click 'Save migration task and migrate later?' on Server Consolidator wizard windows. The Server Consolidator CLI also performs other related actions, such as listing, showing, and removing tasks.

You can use the Server Consolidator CLI and the Windows 2000 scheduler to schedule Server Consolidator activities. This capability lets you collect information and prepare a task to be run at a time that is more convenient.

Server Consolidator CLI Syntax:

SCCLI [action] [/TASK:number] [/WAIT] [/CREDENTIALS:account] [/P:password] [/?]



  • LISTTASKS -- Lists all saved consolidation tasks.
  • REMOVETASK -- Removes the task specified by the /TASK option from the task list.
  • RUNTASK -- Performs the saved task specified by the /TASK option. If you do not specify the /TASK option, Server Consolidator performs the first saved task.
  • SHOWTASK -- Displays the summary text for the saved migration task specified by the /TASK option.


  • Specifies the number of a saved task


  • Directs Server Consolidator to pause one minute after completing the specified task.  Then, Server Consolidator can perform another task through the command-line interface.


  • Specifies the user account to use to perform the migration tasks and actions. Specify this value in the following format: domain\account


  • Specifies the password associated with the user account specified by the /CREDENTIALS option. If you specify *, SCCLI prompts you for the password when the task is run


  • Displays this Help information.


The following example shows the SCCLI command for running the third saved task using the DomainA\User account:

SCCLI RUNTASK /Task:3 /Credentials:DomainA\User /P:Temp1

We recommend that you use the /WAIT switch to pause between each agent task run from the command line interface.  Agent tasks in Server Consolidator include migrating files, folders, and shares, migrating printers, migrating machine local groups, and translating security.

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