The incoming communications queue for the consolidator or central computer is full. (NETIQKB2047)

  • 7702047
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Sep-2007


Operations Manager 3.X

The incoming communications queue for the consolidator or central computer is full.

Error: 'The central computer's incoming communications queue is full.'

The central computer or consolidator application log registers Event 21268, 21269, 21272, or 21273.


The core computer used to consolidate data, called the ?consolidator? in Security Manager 3.x and 4.x and the ?central computer? in 5.x, cannot buffer the amount of data forwarded from the agents due to an inadequate queue size for the data. The limit can be reached due to various reasons, for example:

  • The consolidator/central computer has trouble communicating with the OnePoint database server.
  • Database grooming is not keeping up with event insertion.
  • There are not enough consolidators/central computers to cover the data load.

The consolidator/central computer hardware is not sufficient to process the amount of I/O necessary to keep up with the event load from the Agents.


To increase the size of the temporary storage file:

  1. On the consolidator/central computer, stop the following service:
    • For Operations Manager 3.x and Security Manager 3.x, 4.x, 5.0: OnePoint
    • For Security Manager 5.1 and later: NetIQ Security Manager
  2. From the Development MMC Console, select Configuration >  Global Settings > Consolidators or Central Computers> Temporary Storage.
  3. Adjust the size to 250,000 KB from the default of 45,000 KB.
  4. Restart the service. Since this is a global setting, restarting the services on any other consolidators/central computers in the same configuration group will also pick up the new queue size.

Errors may occur while the consolidator/central computer catches up with the existing events.

If the error continues after increasing the size of the temporary storage, check your database for successful completion of grooming jobs. For adequate free space in the database, consider maintaining 40% free space in the database for the reindexing jobs to run successfully or install additional consolidators/central computers to balance the load.

In most cases, the resizing of the queue solves the problem. If the above steps do not resolve this error contact technical support.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB2047