Error: 'Warning--failed in bindToMailbox..' when migrating a mailbox. (NETIQKB1864)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 02-Oct-2007


Exchange Migrator 1.1

Error: 'Warning--failed in bindToMailbox..' when migrating a mailbox.

If you attempt to migrate mailboxes and the migration fails, look in the EMApplog.txt for the following errors:

Warning--failed in bindToMailbox [CN=user,OU=container,DC=netiq,DC=com]

(1412) ERROR - Failed using target profile. Validate profile by using it to log into Microsoft Outlook [HR=0x8004011d]

(1415) ERROR - Failed attempting incremental migration of mailbox messages [CN=user,OU=container,DC=netiq,DC=com][HR=0x8004011d]


This problem can be caused by Exchange 2000 Service Pack 1 and NetIQ Exchange Migrator are installed on the same computer. This problem only occurs if you are using EM version 2.0 or earlier. The error is due to a change in the way Exchange 2000 SP1 applies a certain property when an account is created.

If you see this error and none of the above causes are applicable, please see this KB for other possible causes

  • NETIQKB1748: All versions of Exchange Migrator may generate this error when migrating a mailbox: 'Warning--failed in bindToMailbox..'


The resolution to this issue is:

  • Install Exchange Migrator version 2.01 or later, or install Exchange Migrator on a console that does not have Exchange 2000 SP1 installed.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB1864