Error: '***(1122) ProcessHelperForMdb... failed to migrate object [/o=Organziaton/ou=Ounit/cn=Recipi (NETIQKB1834)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 07-Nov-2007


Exchange Migrator 1.x

Exchange Migrator 2.x


You will receive this error in the EMApplog.txt file which is located in '%root%/program files/netiq/Exchange Migrator/logs' from a default install.

***(1122) ProcessHelperForMdb... failed to migrate object [/o=Organziaton/ou=Ounit/cn=Recipients/cn=DL/cn=dl- ABC][HR=0x80004005]


Cause 1:

The most likely cause is a DNS server setup issue.

Cause 2:

The Global Catalog that was contacted by the target Exchange server does not support MAPI clients. On the target Exchange server, you will see the following error in the Event Viewer:

Event Type:            Error

Event Source:            MSExchangeSA

Event Category:            NSPI Proxy

Event ID:            9176

Date:                8/26/2002

Time:                1:52:21 PM

User:                N/A

Computer:            COMPUTERNAME


NSPI Proxy can contact Global Catalog SERVER.ROOT.COM it does not support the NSPI service. After a Domain Controller is promoted to a Global Catalog, the Global Catalog must be rebooted to support MAPI Clients.  Reboot SERVER.ROOT.COM as soon as possible.


SOLUTION: Cause 1:

  • Verify that DNS name resolution is working properly. Check Microsoft Technet for DNS troubleshooting methods.  The following search string will reveal several articles regarding troubleshooting DNS:
    • Troubleshooting and DNS

SOLUTION: Cause 2:

  • According to Microsoft, this issue has been resolved with Service Pack 3. Please refer to MSKB Q305596 for more information.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB1834