Error: 'Your changes could not be saved because you don't have permission to modify some or all of t (NETIQKB1749)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 23-Aug-2007


Exchange Migrator 1.x

Exchange Migrator 2.x

Error: 'Your changes could not be saved because you don't have permission to modify some or all of the items in this folder. Do you want to save a copy of this item in the default folder for the item'?

Example Scenario
  1. UserX has Author rights to X public folder and it resides on the same server where the public folders reside.
  2. UserX at this point can add/edit/delete his own public older items (Message post, calendar appointment, etc.)
  3. UserX is migrated
  4. After some time X public folder will show UserX's SMTP address as (This means that replication has occurred and the mailbox has been updated)
  5. After running Update Source Public Folder Permissions it then adds another instance (to reflect the newly migrated mailbox) of UserX to the X public folder ACL. This mailbox has the X400 and X500 addresses of the old mailbox as well as the newly migrated X400 address.
  6. UserX logs into the newly migrated mailbox on the new target server and is able to view X public folder items that he created with the source mailbox. He can also add new items, but he cannot edit the items that were created with the old mailbox.

The issue is more a security feature in Microsoft Exchange rather than a limitation.

Because document security is stamped at create time, the only way that this problem could be solved would be to change the actual author of the document. Microsoft Exchange prevents ISV's (such as NetIQ) from doing this to ensure integrity of the messaging system (i.e. prevent you, for example, from changing the author of an e-mail addressed to Bill Gates from yourself to appear to have come from Don King).

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB1749