Security is not translated during the migration process. (NETIQKB1646)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 29-Oct-2007


During the Process-Driven Migration or the Individual Migration Tasks, the agent dispatched to a machine for the translation of security may show a status of "Failed" from the Agent monitor or "Not running." Permissions on the machine have been verified and still no changes have been made to the file security structure.

The SecTranDispatchLog (Security Translation Dispatcher log) will show that the agents were successfully dispatched to the machine with a failed startup. The return code of 80007005: "Access is denied" is referenced for the failed startup. A similar message may also appear in the DCTLog: Skipping path: \\System\c$. Access is denied.

The security credentials of the currently logged in user are used by the Domain Migrator to obtain access to machines during the migration process. This account needs to be an administrator in both the source and target domains to ensure the proper permission is available. In addition, the account should have membership in the Domain Admins global group on the source domain to ensure the Domain Migrator Agent can be dispatched with sufficient permissions to all machines in the source domain.


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