What does the down red arrow mean in the OnePoint Operations Components folder in the MMC? (NETIQKB1472)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What does the down red arrow mean in the OnePoint Operations Components folder in the MMC?

The down red arrow indicates that the Consolidator did not pick up the heartbeat sent from an Agent. However, this can be normal, especially with large heartbeat intervals. The default interval is 10 minutes.

You will see the down red arrow for the entire heartbeat interval until the Agent successfully updates to the Consolidator at the next heartbeat. If the Agent on the Consolidator misses a heartbeat, then all Operations Manager components present a down red arrow in the OnePoint Operations Components folder in the MMC.

NOTE: The down red arrow does not indicate a stopped OnePoint Service.

To change the heartbeat interval, follow these steps:

Go to Configuration|Global Settings|Agent

Set the heartbeat interval to a smaller time period. Support recommends changing this to one minute or 60 seconds.

Click OK

Right-clicking Rules to Force Configuration Changes Now

You can verify the Agent heartbeat from the Monitor|All Agents view for Last Contact time.

Agents who miss a heartbeat will now show a down Red arrow for only one minute.

The current behavior for failed heartbeats is as follows:

  • When the heartbeat for one agent is not getting updated, Operations Manager generates an alert called "HeartBeatFailledSingleAgent" showing the agent that is not hearbeating and also if a ping to that Agent was successful or not.
  • When more than one agent fails to heartbeat, Operations Manager generates the "HeartBeatFailedSingleAgent" alert for the first agent raising a 21209 event. Operations Manager then generates the "HeartBeatFailedMultipleAgent" alert.
  • Event consolidation is enabled on event id 21209 for 10 minutes to stop multiple alerts occuring.
  • Duplicate alert suppression is configured for all these alerts. The suppression for "HeartBeatSingleAgent" has event and alert description unchecked, so this alert will not get suppressed when the agent is not the same machinename.
  • All these alerts are severity "warning".

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