What can I expect from Server Consolidator with regards to migrating printers in typical printer mig (NETIQKB1323)

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What can I expect from Server Consolidator with regards to migrating printers in typical printer migration scenarios?

Server Consolidator 2.0

Server Consolidator 7.1


The following article presents a typical printer migration scenario. Common questions are presented with corresponding answers.

SCENARIO: My NT4.0 print server contains several printers with multiple Operating System (OS) drivers (NT, Windows 2000 and 9X) , using connectivity variables like a TCP/IP printer using IP and port number. I want to consolidate (Move) all the print queues to a new Windows 2000 machine.


  1. Do I need to manually create ports and monitors on the target machine even though the documentation states that Server Consolidator creates ports and monitors?
  2. Will all of the print drivers be migrated (9X, NT and Windows 2000 OS drivers)?
  3. Are the property settings for migrated queues maintained?
  4. In Server Consolidator 7.0, NetIQ will only support migrating printer drivers and printer queues. What does this mean?
  5. Isn't this what Server Consolidator does now?



Corresponding Answers:

  1. Possibly because Server Consolidator supports some ports and monitors but is unable to support all of them. For example, there are vendor specific installation packages, such as HP, that have an installation pack necssary to install HP Jet Direct monitors. Server Consolidator makes an attempt to migrate these settings (ports and monitors) but can fail.  Server Consolidator 7.1 supports the creation of ports and some monitors when installed by Windows 2000 on the target machine.

    When the monitor's dll is manually installed on the target, printer queues and drivers have the best chance of migrating successfully.

  2. When a printer is installed, it has drivers for multiple OS versions.  In Server Consolidator 2.0, only the driver for the OS version that is on the computer where the printer is installed will be copied to the target. Server Consolidator 7.1 will copy all drivers that are installed for multiple OS's.
  3. All properties will be retained when print queues are created on the target.
  4. In 7.0, NetIQ dropped support for printer port/monitor migration.  SC 7.1 migrates port and monitors installed by Windows 2000.  Server Consolidator will copy all drivers (NT, Windows 2000 and 9x) and the print queue to the target machine.
  5. Server Consolidator 7.1 supports the following:
    • Creates a printer port on the target server.
    • Can create a Windows 2000 installable printer monitor for the port.
    • Copies the printer driver to the target server.
    • Creates a print queue on the target server.
    • Copies the print shares and permissions to the target server.


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