How can I best address installing and managing Agents over slow WAN links? (NETIQKB1288)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 04-Apr-2012


Security Manager 6.0

Security Manager 6.5


How do I install agents outside of the firewall?
How do I install agents on a slow WAN link?
How do I install agents using a slow connection?


The Manual agent installer designed to be run on the agent(s) that are unable to be installed as managed agent(s). This type of agent install, will save the bandwidth used by Central Computer to send the necessary files to a prospective agent. Additionally, it is designed to address firewall concerns. For more information about this new feature, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:

    Other settings to consider modifying are as follows:

    • Review your need for heart-beating and service availability reporting. These settings are configurable globally from the Configuration | Global Settings | Agent Properties page.
    • Consider increasing the buffering time slightly. Significantly increase the communication failure retry times, and simultaneously reduce the number of retry attempts. These settings are also configured from the Agent property pages, as described above.
    • Make configuration and rule changes in batches. All such changes are pushed out dynamically, at the next heartbeat interval. If you only make changes once a day, for example, new configurations will go out only once a day to all Agents.


    There are times when the Central Comptuer and the Security Manager agents to be monitored are connected via slow link. Also there are times when the agents are outside of the firewall.

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    Formerly known as NETIQKB1288