How do I configure Directory and Resource Administrator to gather last logon statistics? (NETIQKB1287)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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How do I configure Directory and Resource Administrator to gather last logon statistics?

How do I enable the 'Last Logon Statistics' in Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x?

Can Directory and Resource Administrator gather last logon statistics?

Directory and Resource Administrator 6.x


The Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) server can report last logon statistics for users in the focus domain. The DRA agent can automatically gather the data from the domain controllers in the managed domain and forward it to the DRA server, if automatic installation of the agent is enabled.

To enable automatic installation of the agent, complete the following steps:

  1. Launch the DRA MMC interface while logged on as a user with Built-in Configuration rights.
  2. Verify the managed domain.
  3. Select the Configuration snap-in node.
  4. Click Administration Server Options.
  5. Click NetIQ DRA Agent.
  6. Enable the Automatically install the NetIQ DRA Agent service on all domain controllers option.
  7. Select Managed and trusted domains from the tree view.
  8. Highlight the managed domain.
  9. On the menu bar, click Properties.
  10. Click the Last logon schedule option.
  11. Select the desired gathering interval (30 minutes by default) or choose Once per day at <specify time>.
  12. Click OK.

    NOTE: The next steps perform the Accounts Cache Refresh, which pushes a NetIQ DRA Agent to each domain controller in the managed domain. The DRA server is not available for the managed domain during the Accounts Cache Refresh operation.

  13. Click Refresh Now on the menu bar.
  14. Click Yes, and OK.
  15. Expand the My ActiveViews snap-in node.
  16. Expand All my managed objects filter view.
  17. Select User Views from the tree view.
  18. Highlight a user known to have logged on in the past.
  19. Click Properties on the menu bar.
  20. Click Statistics on the list.
  21. Verify the presence of statistics in the five fields. Data in the Statistics section of the User Properties form confirms the collection of last logon statistics is enabled.


NOTE: Please verify that Windows 2000 SP 2 is installed on each of the domain controllers. SP2 fixes memory leaks in LSASS.EXE.

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