What does the EMCLI DIRSYNC utility synchronize? (NETIQKB1153)

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What does the EMCLI DIRSYNC utility synchronize?

Exchange Migrator 2.x


EMCLI DIRSYNC is a tool included with Exchange Migrator (\Program Files\NetIQ\Exchange Migrator\EMCLI.exe) that is used to synchronize the two Exchange Organizations so that each GAL will be populated with references to Mailboxes and Distribution Lists from the other Organization. This utility will create a contact in the target Exchange Organization that points to mailboxes and distribution lists in the source Organization. It will also create custom recipients in the source Exchange Organization for mailbox enabled users and distribution lists in the target Organization. You can specify a merge option of samAccountName or sidHistory and the EMCLI DIRSYNC will mail enable an existing AD object rather than creating a new contact.

EMCLI DIRSYNC does not synchronize all the Mailboxes and Distribution lists in the Organization, it only synchronizes those objects that are in the same site as the source server (in a 5.5 Org). If you specify the TWOWAY switch, EMCLI DIRSYNC will create Contacts in Active Directory for all Mailboxes and Distribution Lists from the source site and create Custom Recipients in the 5.5 Directory for Mailbox enabled objects and Distribution Lists from Active Directory.

SourceContainer and TargetContainer switches can be used with EMCLI DIRSYNC to specify the destination container of each direction of the DIRSYNC.  You cannot specify a certain source container that you would like to pull objects from.  If you do not use the SourceContainer and TargetContainer switches, Custom Recipients will be created in the default Exchange 5.5 Recipients container or the Active Directory Users container (Exchange 2000/2003). 


For more information on EMCLI DIRSYNC please see the following Knowledge Base article, "What is the syntax and usage for EMCLI DIRSYNC?"


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